About Us

The Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR) is the new designation for the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies (IGRS), itself the outcome of a merger in 2004 between the Institute of Germanic Studies and the Institute of Romance Studies, founded in 1950 and 1989 respectively.

The Institute continues to be committed to facilitating, initiating and promoting dialogue and research for the Modern Languages community, however, its new name emphasises the Institute’s national research role and embraces its wider remit. The importance of modern languages within the humanities disciplines is underlined by its status as a strategic, important and vulnerable subject (SIV), and the renamed institute will be able to position itself strongly in relation to initiatives targeted to it, as well as developing its own creative paths forward.

The Institute fosters and contributes to national and international collaborative, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural research by means of seminars, lectures, workshops, colloquia, conferences, a fellowships programme, and its five research centres.

The Germanic Studies Collection, formerly the Library of the Institute of Germanic Studies and now part of the Senate House Libraries, is  located on the 4th floor of Senate House. Its holdings are devoted principally to German language and  literature from their respective beginnings to the present day, and has substantial collections of books, journals, microfiches, theses and archives covering these fields.

The IMLR is one of the nine Institutes that make up the University of London’s School of Advanced Study.