Recent IMLR Students

Some of the Institute's research students, who have recently completed their doctoral dissertations. Completion date is given in brackets, together with the topic of the dissertation.

Jana Buresova (2015)
Topic: The dynamics of forced female migration from Czechoslovakia to Britain, 1938-1950
Freelance researcher/lecturer

Arnhilt Johanna Hoefle (2014)
Topic: The reception history of Stefan Zweig (1881-1942) in the Chinese-speaking world
Erwin Schrödinger Fellow (Berkeley/Hamburg)

Jochen Hung (2012)
Topic: The newspaper Tempo and the end of the Weimar Republic
Lecturer at the University of Utrecht

Raymond C. Coffer (2011)
Topic: The relationship of Richard Gerstl and Arnold Schönberg (1906-1908) and itsimpact on their artistic works

Isabel Schropper (2010)
Topic: Austrian female migration to Britain, 1945-1960
Teacher at the Jüdisches Berufliches Bildungszentrum, Vienna

Steffen Stadthaus (2010)
Topic: 'Deutsche Jugend wohin?' Eine Untersuchung des Generationsdiskurses nach dem 2. Weltkrieg der 'jungen Generation'